The Society of Heads welcomes those who are Heads of secondary schools overseas as Additional Members (Overseas)

Additional Members (Overseas) are expected to:

a) Offer a curriculum and resources broadly in line with the National Curriculum for England and Wales or the InternationalBaccalaureate/ International Primary Curriculum.

b) Have teaching staff that are well qualified and are predominantly native or fluent English speakers.

c) Promote teaching methodology and practices in line with UK practice.

d) Possess buildings and facilities adequate for the number of pupils at the school and to comply with local regulations/UK guidelines.

e) Have satisfactory health and safety procedures and to comply with local regulations.

f) Meet the professional, ethical and operational standards expected of a member school.

g) To have been inspected by a DfE approved inspectorate or to be committed to being inspected as soon as is practical.

The rights and benefits of membership are identical to those of Additional Members in the UK. However, the fee for the Annual Conference which members are expected to attend every two or three years, is not included in the subscription.

Enquiries about Additional Membership (Overseas) should be made to the General Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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