Our Mission

The Society of Heads exists to:

  • Promote independent education
  • Represent its member heads and their schools in all educational matters at both local and national levels.
  • Foster effective partnerships with other independent school associations, the maintained sector, government, institutions of higher education, business and industry and the wider community
  • Encourage good codes of practice and high professional standards among members
  • Maintain high quality control and assurance in its member schools through clearly defined membership criteria and through a regular cycle of inspection
  • Provide a supportive network for its member heads
  • Sponsor regular meetings of the Society and to provide forums for members to share ideas and experience
  • Offer a wide range of services to assist heads and their schools with their policies and administration
  • Organise conferences and other professional development for heads and staff from within the Society’s schools
  • Make member schools more widely known to the public

Forthcoming events

Tuesday, June 6th
New Heads Induction (Part 1)
Tuesday, June 6th
New Heads Induction (Part 1)
Thursday, June 8th
Futures Group
Friday, June 9th
Heads’ PAs Day
Tuesday, June 13th
Main Committee:
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